DBLR – Rainman

Looking for some new music to spice up your playlist? Look no further because we’ve got some fresh music you’re going to want to hit the replay button on. Dropping some beats for your enjoyment is Ruan Rabie, known by his alias as DBLR, who knows how to cook up a beat or two in the studio. The music producer is surprisingly flying under the radar considering his resume of original mixes and remixes on SoundCloud are fit to don any club’s sound speaker system. In fact, Ruan’s tracklist pack quite a variety of interesting soundscapes from exceedingly energetic beats to mellow and purely atmospheric tones. What seems to be his latest creation is a highly enticing track known as ‘Rainman‘ and it has the potential to earn itself plenty of attention from the electronic music community.

Described by DBLR as “The adventures of Rainman, made with love”, this track is certainly an adventure in itself. The production interestingly begins with a subtle melody that’s instantly overwhelmed by the vocals of an ‘American police callout’ as the vocals ring ‘we have a 138 in progress‘. This sets the tone of the track as the basslines kick in and the build-up begins to elate as per every solidly produced electronic track. But DBLR hits you with a melodic twist as the melody evokes a warm sensation of tropical vibes before dropping into a powerful synth layered chorus.

If Ruan Rabie carries on producing music the way he does, there is no doubt that this talented music producer can make it in the big league with his musical selection. Tracks such as ‘Bang it Louder‘, ‘Steveclub‘, and ‘Emuras‘ demonstrate the producer’s unique style and musically gifted production abilities. Ruan is one music producer you want to be hearing more from. Show your support for the DJ and get listening to ‘Rainman‘ below. Check out all the latest artist track releases here.