Hember – No More Tears

One of the real rising stars of the future bass genre is Hember. The young producer, who is based between Madrid and London, has recent fired out prestigious tracks titled ‘Delusion‘, and ‘Too Late‘, drawing the attention of many around the world. However, it is his most recent release – ‘No More Tears‘ – that has really caught the eyes and ears of his ever-growing fan base. Released on Brook Gee Records, and receiving support from a number of pages, the track is truly kicking up a fuss, and you can see why.

Hember’s unqiue blend of relaxation and energy is exported through his music, as the laid back approach to his tracks give them so much punch in a really different way. ‘No More Tears’ is a prime example of that, as the track combines soothing vocals with a soft, yet powerful arrangement to back it up. The second drop steps things up even further, reverting to a 4/4 beat rather than the conventional future bass approach, and giving things that festival feel. The track is deserving of much more coverage than it has received up to yet, however Hember has uploaded the track to Spinnin’ RecordsTalent Pool‘, which could gain so interest from labels around the world.

Check the track out for yourself below, and drop Hember a comment to show your support!

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