Joe Hawes

Joe Hawes – Nowhere

UK DJ/Producer Joe Hawes has returned off the back of his last release ‘Always.‘ The release which shares a fitting debut under Joe’s boutique label Coffee House Records is a bit of a stylistic call to the days of old. Sporting a funky electro-house groove, Joe Hawes’ newest track entitled ‘Nowhere‘ is an enthralling instrumental stroke of genius. The silky synth layers which at times almost even sound like hush vocal chops comprise the tune of its engaging core, driving the majority of the tune. Of course, the track would not be what the stand out it is without the phenomenal percussive elements that accompany the tunes catching melodic passes.

It’s ‘Nowhere’s‘ upbeat ambiance which beckons listeners to give the tune a second, third and even fourth listen. It’s a tune you’d almost expect to hear released under NCS or another semi-major content stop. Nevertheless, it’s Joe’s Coffee House Records who churns out the content, which only bodes as a better, more attractive catalog for those newer artists looking to develop and release under a more personable one-stop label. Naturally increasing his own artist influence as well as his Coffee House Records’ leverage, Joe Hawes is poised to be one of the UK’s next generation of festival firepower.

Take a listen to Joe Hawes’ ‘Nowhere‘ for yourself below via Spotify: