Kryder discusses new ‘God Save The Groove’ EP and importance of grassroots artists

Ascending from obscurity to become one of the most sought-after names in the dance music scene, the last few years have been exceptionally good to groove king; Kryder. Boasting millions of fans across the globe, the acclaimed British DJ and producer has risen to the level akin to that of a superstar, filling every venue and billing with his name on it to max capacity. His tracks are characterized by the same infectious groove that propel his DJ sets, and with continued support from legends such as Swedish House MafiaTiëstoNicky Romero, and Hardwell, the rise of Kryder is has been a truly remarkable story.

After giving fans something back with his free music imprint Sosumi Records, which ran for 100 releases, 2018 saw Kryder branch out with Kryteria Records, with the initial release ‘Romani’ with Steve Angello slaying dancefloors across the globe! Now, the extravagant Englishman is turning his attention to his new label’s brand new EP ‘God Save The Groove Vol.1′, featuring the likes of  Dario Nunez, Drop Department, Nico de Andrea and of course, Kryder himself.

Kryder, who took the time to sit down with We Rave You during ADE, discussed the EP, the outstanding launch party and the importance of supporting bedroom producers and up-&-coming artists.

Last year you hosted the Sosumi Boat party at ADE. This year you’re set to host yet another boat party ‘God Save The Groove’ with Benny Benassi being one of the headliners! Can you tell us a bit about how it all came together?

“Basically, it started out as a compilation we’re putting together for our label called ‘God Save The Groove’ and I just wanted to put together a launch party for that. We did the Sosumi boat party last year and it went so well, we thought ‘can we go a little bit bigger, can we do something a bit more out the box’. I started looking for some boats and found a massive one! Kind of a floating warehouse! We invited all the guys who’ve produced records for the compilation to come and play, as well as some close friends and other guys I’m collaborating with as well.”

You’re also set to appear at 3 other events during ADE. How does it feel to know you’re in such high demand?

“It is flattering, yes! It’s always great to have the phone ring and get an invite to play somewhere, so you know you must be doing something right. I love performing and playing new tracks and testing out new music, so it’s an honour really.”

Earlier this year, you did a remix of Benny Benassi’s single ‘Everybody Needs A Kiss’, which peaked in the Beatport Progressive House top 20. Did this have any effect on Benny’s influence on the lineup?

“Yeah kind of! We started talking through that remix really, then we met for the first time at Tomorrowland and then we started working on a collaboration together. So, the remix definitely spurred some sort of friendship and I’ve got a lot of respect for Benny, absolutely love him as  a person and as a performer. I’m just really happy to be working with him and to have him involved on the boat as well.”

Benny isn’t the only artist you’ve remixed this year, with the likes of Basement Jaxx, Clean Bandit and Wankelmut all enlisting your services. How much pride do you take in being enlisted to remix a song?

“I only like to remix stuff that I can work with. I love making music, I love working with other people’s ideas in regards to remixing. It’s an honour to be trusted with someone else’s art. I get a lot of remix requests, but I only take on the stuff I know I can smash and do something that will benefit their art.”

You’re known for consistently releasing new music on a regular basis. Do you value producing more so than DJing, or vice versa, or do they both come hand-in-hand?

“I used to love DJing and performing more, but it’s kind of 180’d for me recently because I prefer spending time in the studio now. Maybe that’s an age thing? I’m not too sure! I mean, there’s nothing better than finishing a track and testing it out on a dancefloor and seeing the reaction. That’s still a buzz for me!”

The oversaturation of up-and-coming producers and the industry’s fast-paced nature are two major factors that play a part in shortening careers nowadays. Do you think there is a solution to this problem and if so, how can it be solved?

“I think it’s about quality and not quantity. Everyone’s speaking about pumping content out there, but I’d rather have 4 amazing tracks out in a year, than 40 average ones. Unfortunately, nothing’s lasting anymore, a lot of stuff is disposable. If that’s the case, I’d spend a bit more time on tracks instead of throwing every new idea out there. Choose your weapons carefully.”

Given the influx of new music being submitted to labels every day, what’s your approach to signing new music and artists? How important is it to already have a following and previous releases?

“I don’t care about their following at all really. I just look for records that I love, that’s what it’s about. I don’t care if they’ve got 1 follower or 100,000. I’ve got kids coming on the forthcoming compilation with barely anything on any of their socials but their music is absolutely amazing. That’s what I’m all about supporting.”

Be sure to listen to the ‘God Save The Groove’ EP below and download it here!

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