Robin Schulz Speechless

Robin Schulz – Speechless (feat. Erika Sirola)

Undoubtably one of the most formidable forces in house music throughout recent years has been Robin Schulz. The German producer has tackled all forms of the wide genre of ‘house’, bringing deep sounds in his iconic remix of Mr Probz’ ‘Waves‘, and going more commercial with ‘OK‘ featuring UK singer James Blunt. However, the 31 year old displays his array of talent in covering numerous genres during live sets, dropping everything from Kygo’s tropical house to Garmiani’s ‘Fogo‘, and beyond! Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Schulz has ventured into a new blend of styles, creating the blissful ‘Speechless‘ with the help of Erika Sirola‘s incredible vocals.

Kicking the track off with soothing piano chords and a soft kick drum, the peaceful approach allows the listener to reminisce of summer days, and Schulz captures so many elements of the sunnier times that have passed for most as winter nears. Blending a commercial summer sound with strong brass components, the track has a prominent lead sound when the main drop arrives. However, the word ‘drop’ usually describes a section with power and impact, yet this track contains that impact within its relaxed approach, and is an all round chilled out track. That being said, Schulz captures that August afternoon feeling, and the image of beachside clubs such as Guaba and Ushuaïa comes to mind instantly, the latter of which has seen Schulz perform this summer. The track would not be the same without the contribution of Erika Sirola, who provides the perfect vocals to accompany Schulz’s instrumental goodness.

The German maestro that is Robin Schulz truly has nailed this one. The sound is somewhat similar to BUNT., who title their genre of music as ‘folk house‘. Though it may not be the most widely known title, tracks like ‘Speechless‘ certainly pave the way for more producers to take this vibe in their track. Schulz has shown his class yet again, so why don’t you check it out below and see what you think!

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