The Chainsmokers reveal details for Paris-inspired feature film

In recent years, there has been a number of feature films released involving world-famous music producers and we must add, they have always been pretty spectacular and a delight to watch. The same is most likely going to be said for the hugely-anticipated feature film that’s in the production line from electronic duo The Chainsmokers. In recent news, the pair announced they were working on a movie based on their smash-hit track ‘Paris. Now, captured on the red carpet during this year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, both Andrew and Alex were targeted by Billboard as they revealed fresh new details on the upcoming movie as well as the night’s event.

The pair spilt the beans revealing that the feature film was set into motion by Mickey Rapkin, author of ‘Pitch Perfect’. Upon hearing the duo’s songParis‘, Mickey thought the concept behind the film would work well on the big screen. Revealing more in front of the camera with Billboard, they added:

“He [Mickey Rapkin] was listening to our music and he’s like, you know what, I think that there is a romance film here, and he wrote an entire story, pitched it to us, and we reworked all the parts we wanted to and spent about a year working on this pitch. We went out and started pitching it to major film studios and TriStar bought it, and now we’re making a movie.”

Both Andrew and Alex didn’t stop there as the duo went on to reveal that they have plenty of new stuff in the pipeline and that they’re really excited about what is to come. All we can say is that we are certainly sharing the same excitement as the lads. While this year is fast drawing to an end, we can safely say The Chainsmokers has been killing it. Stay tuned for more updates on the upcoming feature film plus much more. Check out the interview below.