Top 10 Anjuna tracks of 2018

Following another simply stellar year in 2018, British trance trio Above & Beyond blitzed all before them, headlining Armin van Buuren‘s ASOT stage as surprise guests during the finale of Ultra Music Festival‘s 20th anniversary celebrations in Miami. In addition to a sold-out show at the 10,000 capacity Steel Yard in London, as well as shows at Creamfields, Tomorrowland, and many more – including their widely acclaimed Common Ground tour – the Anjunabeats bosses were responsible for a flurry of the year’s biggest hits.

With their iconic label playing host to a range of 2018’s hottest bangers, aired weekly during their Group Therapy radio show – which celebrated 300 episodes with a special show in Hong Kong in September – We Rave You take a peek at the glistening back-catalogue, bursting with prog-trance selections from the likes of Ilan Bluestone, Oliver Smith, Grum, and many more.

These are the Top 10 Anjuna releases of 2018…


10. Above & Beyond – Red Rocks

The main men themselves fly in at number #10 in this countdown, finally delivering the main anthem of their ABGT250 show in the Gorge. The track, first aired in 2017 to audiences in the States, received an official release this year, and sounded every inch as perfect upon full mastering.

9. Ilan Bluestone – Everybody

The first of THREE big tunes in this list for Ilan Bluestone, 2018 was truly a seismic year for the London-based producer, who was the subject of widespread acclaim on account of his sensational ‘Scars‘ album. Topped by the vocals of the superb Maor Levi, this one was enjoyed by ‘Everybody‘…

8. Grum – Never Have To Be Alone

Scottish producer Grum has become a firm Anjuna favourite in recent years, with A&B supporting his whopper ‘Shout’ on numerous occasions during their sets. But it was the progressive bliss of ‘Never Have To Be Alone’ which snatched the top headline for the Brit in 2018, with Armin van Buuren premiering the release on his ASOT show.

7. Ilan Bluestone – Will We Remain (Spencer Brown Remix)

Another classic from ‘Scars’, Ilan Bluestone’s ‘Will We Remain‘ seemed like an appropriately titled question for Theresa May in 2018, but with Spencer Brown reworking this one with his midas progressive touch, the already-perfect original was given a shiny new coat of gloss.

6. Oliver Smith – Lovingly

Supporting Above & Beyond during their Common Ground show at Bristol’s ‘Motion’ venue in November, Oliver Smith‘s reputation a true Anjunabeats favourite has truly skyrocketed in 2018. His pièce de résistance undoubtedly arrived in the shape of the beautiful floorfiller, ‘Lovingly’.

5. Ilan Bluestone – Rival

With Ellen Smith dominating vocals in this beautifully euphoric production, Mr Bluestone completes his trilogy of nominations at number #5. A hands-in-the-air festival favourite, ‘Rival‘ serves as the sparkling gem in the glistening crown of ‘Scars’.

4. Above & Beyond – Always (Club Mix)

With the wistful original adding that deep layer of melancholy found in A&B’s most emotive of productions (‘Little Something‘, anyone?), Paavo, Jono, and Tony decided to add a sparkling dancefloor ready re-touch to the original with his blistering club mix first debuted during their Steel Yard show in May at Finsbury Park.

3. Alex Metric & Ten Ven – Otic

A certain magic occurs whenever the names Alex Metric & Ten Ven get together, and this sensational collaboration was no different via the birth of the beautiful progressive baby named ‘Otic’. Deep melodies twist around a rhythmic bassline to create one of 2018’s most spine-tingling hits.

2. Above & Beyond and Spencer Brown – Long Way From Home

Saving the best for last in 2018, A&B’s final single of 2018 was undoubtedly their finest, with Spencer Brown also playing his part in this eargasmic Anjuna orgy. Serving up a slice of prog-trance heaven, ‘Long Way From Home‘ resonates deep with the audience and takes a deserved silver medal on this list.

1. Gabriel & Dresden – Only Road (Cosmic Gate Remix)

There could only be one winner, and in the form of ‘Only Road’, we have not just a contender for Anjuna’s finest selection of the year, but the ultimate anthem of 2018 – period. With Gabriel & Dresden sprinkling a signature touch on the release, it was Cosmic Gate’s rework which elevated this one to loftier heights. Sit back, enjoy, and turn the volume on this one right up to maximum. It deserves it.

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