Bashment YC

Bashment YC reveals ‘Groovy YC’ EP

Budding Korean talent Bashment YC (a.k.a Youchul Kim) has been making waves with the release of his new EP; ‘Groovy YC’. Already amassing nearly 50k streams on SoundCloud, Kim is making a case for one Asia’s for one of Asia’s brightest young talents.

Crating an ample blend between radio-friendly Pop and festival-ready Trap, Kim blends bright female vocals with catchy chords during the breaks & breakdowns; a common theme throughout the EP. While ‘See The Light’ consists of a brighter, more upbeat nature, the EP’s following tracks ‘Stay Right There’ and ‘Wild Love’ both incorporate heavier sounds such as heavy 808’s, thrashing lead synths and brooding horns, targeting a more festival-oriented audience.

Kim first gained public attention with the track ‘Gayaguem’ from his debut EP’ ‘Hey, I’m YC’Since then, Kim has consistently put out new music on a regular basis, including 3 EP’s in 2018 alone. Now, the Korean producer endeavours to trump his previous works with the release of his latest EP.

Take a listen to Bashment YC’s ‘Groovy YC’ EP below and grab a copy here.

Melbourne-based Journalist, producer and DJ. Completed a Diploma of Audio Production at SAE Institute and loves everything from Jazz to Disco.

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