Hardwell gives a sneak peak of Story Of Hardwell YouTube content

After announcing a foreseeable end to his touring in a statement across the artist’s socials earlier this year, Hardwell also keyed us in on a project called the Story Of Hardwell dedicated to reliving the memories and journey his current 16-year musical career have shaped for him. With little details known about what all the project will entail, we’ve been given our first glimpse into the artist’s mind as Hardwell took to Instagram recently to promote some of the first speculated video content to be revealed from the project. In the clip posted, Hardwell accompanies the bonafide vlog by saying,

“I started to create more video content for my YouTube channel, like this video diary of my gig at Altromondo studios in Rimini. Guess this is what vlogging was back in the days, right? #StoryOfHardwell”

While the clip isn’t filmed in the most pristine quality, the footage is from 2007, so its fair to give the Dutchman a break there. No matter the clips quality t does contain some gems of a young Hardwell playing to a packed out crowd in Italy. Not only do we get a slight glimpse into what Hardwell’s 2007 looked like to him, but the sights and sounds of the short clip are more than enough to ensure a blast of nostalgia to where viewers were back in 2007.

We’re looking forward to the full upload and as this likely seems to be the first piece of content in this massive project that is the Story Of Hardwell, we can’t wait to see what these memories have in store.