Dillon Francis

Hulu features Dillon Francis’ Hit ‘Look at that Butt’ in TV Commercial

Interesting times for Dillon Francis to end 2018 on a high, as his summer hit ‘Look At That Butt’ ft. Jarina De Marco has recently been featured in a Hulu commercial. The track, which was also included on Dillon Francis’ previously released album ‘Wut Wut’, was used by the American entertainment company to put out the message that one should enjoy the finer things in life and to warn about the dangers of luxury.

The satirical commercial stars celebrities like Joe Manganiello, who says to never fly first-class because it forever ruins flying in coach, and Sofia Vergara, who warns people to never date Joe because “he’ll ruin men forever”. The clip also features celebrities such as Sarah Silverman, Jared Goff, James Harden and Trippie Redd, all warning us about very serious things in life. “Never add bacon, never get a kingsize bed, never get a walk-in closet, and most importantly… NEVER get Hulu. With tons of shows and movies, it will ruin TV for you FOREVER”. 

Towards the end of the 1-minute commercial, Dillon Francis’ hit plays in the background, adding to the clip’s fun factor. It goes on to show that electronic dance music is everywhere these days; on streaming platforms, at festivals worldwide, in video games and now also in TV commercials.

Check out Hulu‘s commercial, which was made for the 70th Primetime Emmy Awards, down below via YouTube.