Illenium beautifully remixes Halsey’s ‘Without Me’

Pop and dance music has been going hand and hand for quite some time now. The beautiful singer Halsey’s ‘Without Me’ just received a stunning remix from ILLENIUM. The new remix dropped on Friday and had been anticipated since November when he released it for the first time at Electric Daisy Daisy Carnival in Orlando, Fla.

ILLENIUM is known for sprinkling magic to original songs and tracks and turns them into a brand new piece of art. The slow tempo track is now full of feels and incredible beats that are rhythmically out of this world. Illenium indeed goes above and beyond with this remix. The guitar, drums, and an array of other instruments that take place at his awake shows are present for the remix.

Halsey and ILLENIUM were a match made in heaven, and this remix proves it. The lyrics and voice of Halsey blend perfectly with the remix done by ILLENIUM. The year is almost over but its safe to say this possibly might be the remix of the year. Halsey came out with the track not so long ago, and it was only a matter of time until the electronic dance music world got a crack of this track.

To date, ILLENIUM so far is the only artist with an official remix of the song ‘Without Me.’ The two artists shine brightly in the sky with the ultimate remix. It almost seems that “Without Me” was meant for ILLENIUM to remix. Thankfully, the remix was released within a month since it dropped at EDC Orlando. The new remix is now streaming on several platforms. Hopefully, this won’t be last time we see these two working together. Take a listen for yourself.

ILLENIUM is touring his live Awake 2.0 show that has been dazzling fans
left and right. Brightful new visuals, glorious live instruments, and of course brand new music. Who knows, maybe Halsey might be making a guest appearance to sing her song “Without Me.”