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Madeon & Lido Produce Ric Wilson’s New Single ‘No Hands’

The anticipation is building at an all-time high for the legendary Madeon to make his big return to his artist project after an extremely quiet year. Cutting back on touring and releases substantially in 2018, no one could have expected the co-production treat with Lido that seemingly came out of nowhere this week for the rising Chicago disco rapperRic Wilson called ‘No Hands’.

In a translated post on twitter, Madeon says he initially had the beat laying around that Lido later added piano to and then it was sent to Wilson who finished it off with his unique style of bars.

“C’est un beat assez vieux à la base. Lido passait à la maison et je lui jouais des trucs et il s’est mis a jouer du piano dessus. Je l’ai envoyé à mon pote Ric et voilà – un de ces projets impromptu! Il y a des centaines de morceaux que j’ai qui ne voient pas le jour d’habitude.”

Apparently, Madeon and Wilson were introduced by a mutual friend. It was made clear that this release was NOT to be confused for Madeon’s return, but just a ‘quick little loosie’ that he felt like working on. According to Wilson, this was the start of a budding friendship & he assured there would be much more coming from the newly introduced collaborators in the future.

Listen to ‘No Hands’ below.

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