Marshmello announces ‘Joytime III’ is coming soon

After ‘Joytime II‘ proved hugely successful, Marshmello has confirmed that he will be releasing ‘Joytime III‘ in the next year. He dropped brand new details through a recent tweet. According to the post, he is working on so much music right now with pop stars and rappers. Marshmello has been insanely busy this year, between his successful cooking and gaming YouTube shows, his constant music video releases and his international performances, it’s a wonder he ever get to produce music – and yet he does. A lot.

The masked producer is still celebrating ‘Happier‘ with Bastille, his biggest hit to date, and he followed it up with a new song featuring Roddy Ricch, but he’s looking toward the future with glee. He just announced on Twitter that his third album in the Joytime series is in the works, and that’s only the beginning.

“I’m working on so much new music right now. Joytime 3, a couple hip hop, and my next pop single,” Mello tweeted. “I don’t want to just stick to one genre, as a producer who loves making music nothing excites me more than pushing the boundaries.”

Stay tuned for release dates and other Marshmello goodies. Check his tweet below.

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