Martin Garrix ANIMA

Martin Garrix uploads the impressive ANIMA liveshow from ADE 2018

With the 2018 edition of the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) being a huge success in terms of performances and artist roster, eyes are all set for the 2019 edition to deliver similar results. But one takeaway from the 2018 edition that remains on the minds of all those who stand witness to the performances was Martin Garrix‘s stellar Live-show titled ‘ANIMA’. The performance, which took place at the famous Amsterdam RAI centre, was one of the most impressive of the event line-up and featured Garrix dishing out singles from his own production desk as well as other STMPD Records releases. What’s more is that the Live-show is now available on the Dutchman’s YouTube channel in the staggering 4K format.

The almost 2-hour long performance included some exciting pyrotechnics, inspiring backdrops and ethereal Laser lights with due credit going to the production team. Accompanied by some of Garrix’ towering hits such as ‘Lions in the Wild‘ and his collaborative effort ‘Dragon‘, the performance in its entirety was a visual as well as auditory delight. Such was the impression it left over the crowd that one of the comments called for this Live-show to be the closing show at Ultra Miami. While that remains another dream for Martin’s fans, one thing can be said with certainty – the ANIMA Live-show is an assured fan pleaser.

You can check out the full track-list here on 1001Tracklists.

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