Reggio – Mammoth

REGGIO is by far Uruguay’s finest export when it comes to DJs and producers. The young man who gained fame through his releases on Hardwell’s label Revealed Recordings over the last couple of years has established himself in the scene of Electronic Dance Music. One of his latest releases is a collab with world-famous DJ Tony Junior‘S4YM’ was released on Spinnin’ Records this summer. His latest release, ‘Mammoth’, however, was released on Eastern European label Ensis Recordings from Romania, which is always a good place to find new and high-quality tracks, just like D3FAI’s latest track ‘Turn Up’.

The young DJ from Uruguay, who is now living in Spain is known for his powerful tracks. If you listen to ‘Mammoth’ for the first time, one thing will come to your mind: Big Room. And it is exactly this. The track was designed to make you go wild. the melody is catchy and the drop is, as the name of the track, powerful and jaw-dropping. REGGIO is known for these type of tracks, as he already demonstrated his ability to produce amazing tracks such as ‘Mental’ and ‘Next Level’, both released on Revealed Recordings.

Festival season might be over but that does not mean you should stop going crazy to REGGIO’s latest masterpiece ‘Mammoth’. Check it out below!