Rüfüs Du Sol deliver a sensational Essential Mix on BBC Radio 1

A true delight to the senses, Australian dance group RÜFÜS DU SOL took the reins of the prestigious BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix. The group have been very successful over the past few years, producing hit singles and gathering fans all around the world. Earlier this year, the group released their third studio album “Solace“. Similar to their previous album “Bloom“, the reception from fans and the public was very positive. The group are known for making extremely expressive music with a unique signature sound. Now, on December 1st the group have passed another milestone, orchestrating a mix for the famous BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix.

Kicking things off with Simian Mobile Discos‘ “Murmurations (TYB Edit)” RÜFÜS set a firm precedent for the direction they will take for the rest of the mix. The group do dabble in plenty of tech house and deep house, and their track selection reflects that. The group have been described by enthusiasts and critics as having a very “clear” sound, illustrated in their use of space and ambiance throughout their productions. Their live shows are truly stunning, as they incorporate plenty of acoustic instrumentation as well as electronic synths and soundscapes. Since the release of their third album, the group have been touring pretty intensively. Recently, they played at the famous Terminal 5 venue in New York City.

The mix is truly eclectic, one minute upbeat and energetic, the next minute dark and edgy. Keeping it classy, the trio spare the fireworks when it comes to playing their own records and then proceed to drop fan favourite “Innerbloom” around 1 hour in. They also played their own track “Eyes” and “Lost in My Mind“. The general tone of the mix is one that highlights diversity and character. RÜFÜS certainly have their own unique appeal as musicians and as hard as it is to pinpoint what that might be, this mix speaks to it.

Enjoy the magic of RÜFÜS DU SOL.