The Frost – Keep It Real

After hitting 10,000 streams in the past year on Spotify, Christian Gratz and LeahBeth Evans have plenty of reason to celebrate. The multi-genre duo came together back in 2015 to form The Frost, and the indie dance specialists have brought plenty of vibes in their releases. Hailing from the United States of America, the pair have a strong music past, which shows through their music. Gratz became mostly known as the guitarist for popular big band “Daddy O and the Sax Maniacs” whom president Bill Clinton coined as his “favourite band of all time.” Now, the duo have dropped their new funky track ‘Keep It Real‘, and it’s a must listen!

LeahBeth Evans is at the forefront on this one, dropping some infectious vocals over the funk-dance instrumental. The Frost continued to expand from their conception and decided in 2016 that they wanted to take the group to a different level, performing regular shows, and have never looked back since. ‘Keep It Real‘ epitomises the duo’s diverse taste, combining acoustics, keyboards, and plenty of jazz influences. This chilled out, funk-dance crossover puts The Frost on the international map, and is a good sign of things to come over the coming years.

Check it out below for yourself, and let us know what you think!

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