Music For Charity drops compilation album ‘United’

Constantly, artists come together to fight for noble causes and brand new album ‘United‘ by Music for Charity is just that. ‘United’ is an album composed of 17 tracks and includes 26 artists from 10 different countries. Released on December 10, the album includes many new talents within the electronic music industry, as well as some names who have released tracks on labels like Spinnin’ Records, Revealed Recordings and Armada, among others.

Available in all digital stores, as well as on Youtube and Soundcloud, the album covers, in each of its tracks, one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, through a combination of instrumental and vocals specially produced for ‘United’. In addition to sustainable awareness and charity, ‘United’ is also a true mix of electronic genres, addressing all types and tastes of electronic music. The artists had complete freedom to create their track in any genre, which resulted in material ranging from future house to hardstyle, to drum’n’ bass and pop.

Do Not Leave Us Behind‘, from BlackCode and Introspect, is a track that opens the album and has a more pop-infused feel with a powerful vocals. The second track on the album, ‘Chakula‘ by Loudway & Hundred shows the variety of genres that compose the album, with a powerful percussion in the drop, a psy-trance inspired anthem with nuances of new EDM.

As the album continues ‘Light Water‘ by High’N ‘Rich takes listeners into the realm of drum ‘n’ bass with broken beats and a high BPM. ‘Team Up‘ by TNO and 98.20.11 closes the sequence of tracks with a killer big room drop that echoes with ferocity. These are just some of ‘United’s tracks, there are plenty more on the album for listeners to enjoy.

All sales and revenue generated through streaming the album will be donated to UNICEF and furthermore, the album’s intent is for people to become more aware of the issues and problems we face on the planet we live in. To purchase your copy of the album and help the cause or just donate, click here.