Above & Beyond Seven Lions remix

Above & Beyond – Flying by Candlelight

Above & Beyond have just released their first single of the year, ‘Flying by Candlelight‘. As heard on Group Therapy 300 at the AsiaWorld-Expo in Hong Kong, this progressive house/trance track embodies the listener with the slower verses above a colder full sound. Compared to the ABGT300 version, ‘Flying by Candlelight’ exhibits a softer more euphoric feel. With the three variations released and the ABGT version, there is a spectrum of tones that the listener can choose from depending on taste and still receive the same spiritual message.

The lyrics, “You’re my candle in a darkened house”, convey a warm comforting feeling as the vocals from Marty Longstaff depict guidance from a point of interest. A present lover tours the character from the darkness into a marvelous enlightening flight around the city, “I’ve waited a lifetime these night wings to fly, the lights of the city below.”

The trio’s sound remains consistent with a dulcet and ambient, classic trance feel. With their upcoming EP set to be released in spring, ‘Common Ground Companion’, featuring ‘There’s Only You’ feat. Zoë Johnston and ‘Distorted Truth, other tracks that did not make the cut on the original ‘Common Groundalbum. Above & Beyond fans will eagerly be waiting for the EP’s release, March 29th.

Check out ‘Flying by Candlelight’ below.