Tommy Trash

Tommy Trash’s classic ‘Cascade’ turns 7 years old

The years go by and a lot of tracks are released, but there are only a few that can survive for years and years and become unforgettable hits. Tommy Trash is a specialist when it comes to making hits. The Australian DJ and producer has an extensive discography of huge tracks, alongside big names in the worldwide electronic scene. Active since 2006, Tommy was nominated in 2009 in the ARIA Music Awards as a promising electronic music artist. In 2012 he was nominated for a Grammy for his remix of none other than Deadmau5’s track ‘The Veldt‘. With more than 50 productions, including originals, collaborations, and remixes, Tommy is considered one of the greatest Australian electronic talents to date.

An irreverent figure and also known for his long hair, Tommy is one of the names behind tracks like Reload, ‘Sunrise‘, his remix of ‘Ladi Dadi‘, plus one of his first big hits, ‘The End‘. But today, let’s talk about a track that was released 7 years ago, ‘Cascade. Released in January 2012, the track features Tommy’s signature production features, with more happy notes, a perfect musical progression, a very high contagious piano, and a drop with bass made to measure, the perfect formula for a hit when big room was in full ascension.

Relieve ‘Cascade’ below.