Karasso – Scared To Lose You

Sometimes it takes a shock to prove that big room EDM is still alive and well, and often that comes in the shape of a new up-and-comer. That’s exactly where Isreali producer Karasso sits in the grand scheme of things, and his latest track Scared To Lose You is a bold and ballsy peak-time banger that has main-stage festival anthem written all over it.

It certainly ticks all the boxes – bouncy rhythms? Check. Soaring builds and upliftin drop? Check. Moody breaks that give the track a chance to breathe? Check. Topping it all off though is a sultry top-line vocal that has singalong potential and the difficult to achieve knack of getting stuck in your head.

It’s always refreshing to see a new name bounce onto the scene, and with the right backing and tracks like his under his belt, it’s clear that Karasso has what it takes to make a solid name for himself. Scared To Lose you is out now on Alveda Pulse and is available to buy here and you can check it out on SoundCloud below.