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Steve Aoki remixes World Cyber Games theme song

If you ever happened to think “I wish there was an e-sports version of the Olympic games” then fear not, because there is, and none other than everyone’s favourite cake-throwing EDM superstar Steve Aoki has been tasked with remixing their theme song, the rather appropriately titled ‘Beyond The Game’.

The World Cyber Games was originally founded in the year 2000, only to go on indefinite hiatus in 2013, but fresh off the back of e-sports’ explosion in popularity, it’s now back. Run by South Korean game developer Smilegate, the tournament features competitors from up to 80 countries, and this year it will take place on July 18-21 in the Chinese city of Xi’an. A good scout through the website doesn’t really reveal what games the competitors play, but there’s medals, ceremonies, and it all looks like rather good fun if gaming is your thing.

And what of the track?  Well it’s a fairly pumping EDM affair with some 16-bit console inspired melodies and a vocal line that is presumably designed to pump up the e-sporters into pressing buttons and moving mice (computer ones) faster than the other guys. It certainly goes to show that gaming is big business now and can pull in artists with the weight and stature of Steve Aoki to give their theme tune a once over. It would seem that Aoki is a gaming fan himself though, having recently been made into a playable character in a mobile Star Wars game.

Find out more about the 2019 WCG here, and take a listen to the track in question below.