Tomorrowland appears to expand mainstage area

It’s not everyday music enthusiasts will scour the internet for any interesting or undiscovered news lying around. With access to the internet, there is not a limit to the information you can find on any topic. So when it was reported that De Schorre subtly left an update on their site, fans jumped at the news immediately. For those unfamiliar, Tomorrowland Belgium’s stomping grounds are held at the De Schorre recreational area.

If you take a quick look, you’ll be able to view photos of what clearly shows an expansion of the grass area. Adding stairs and extending the space to untouched regions of the land, this can only mean great things. As Tomorrowland reaches its 15th anniversary edition of the festival, it’s no surprise to see them working on some new things to introduce a newer era.

As if the mainstage area wasn’t already massive, this simply adds to the excitement of what will be a rather exciting time. Hopefully, this isn’t the only surprise they have in store, rumors are flying around about a potential Swedish House Mafia performance, could it be true? Only time will tell. Tomorrowland will sure be one to watch this year.

Take a look at the site adaptations below.

Progressive house was one of the greatest genres in dance music please change my mind.

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