6IX9INE – MAMA (feat. Nicki Minaj, Kanye West) (Dom Corleone Flip)

Los Angeles-based producer Dom Corleone has just released an astonishing remix for the 6IX9INE classic track ‘MAMA‘. The track, that also features vocals from famous rappers Nicki Minaj and the controversial Kanye West, is out now as a free download.

This flip is the first remix of the year by the American producer, who is known by his electronic trap style, influenced by his hip-hop and rap roots. The song starts with a powerful, perfectly equalized and compressed beat, bass and an atmosphere that, accompanying 6IX9INE vocals, transitions to the first drop of the song with strong horns and uplifters. The drop is a trap house classic with a perfect combination of snares, vocal tone kicks, super tight mono basses, transposed vocal chops and synths.

The second part of the track follows the initial structure, but this time, Dom Corleone gives the leading role to Nicki Minaj and Kanye West’s vocals, applying severe stereo and delay effects that give a lot of room and presence to the voice. Along with the rest of the components, the vocals fill all the gaps of the song from the highs to the lows, provoking a perfect sound. The build-up remains the same as before, transitioning the chorus into the drop. The second drop changes the style, adding more samples yet presenting a very energetic rhythm and showing a unique personality. Overall a great production by the Californian artist, this brand new remix could even be featured during sets from big artists like DJ Snake, The Chainsmokers or Skrillex. Let’s hope he keeps his standards this high for many years to come.

You can follow Dom Corleone on Soundcloud and Spotify. Listen to ‘MAMA’ (Dom Corleone Flip) below.

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