Founder of new mega-brand ‘The EVENT’ discusses huge Alesso London pre-party

“What makes a good party?”

It’s a question that’s echoed around dinner tables, groupchats, and nightclub dancefloors for decades, but 28 year-old entrepreneur Jake Gable may just have found the answer.

With his brand-new company The EVENT hosting a huge summer party in London this June, Gable’s ethos is both simplistic, yet genius. Stripping back the unnecessary features which have plagued parties of recent years, Gable moves his efforts to the heart of any event; the dancefloor. It’s a philosophy he’s keen to explain:

“I’ve been in and around dance music for around 10 years now and in that time, I’ve attended parties in various locations all over the globe. But my main concern – in recent years especially – is that we’ve lost the essence of what made this once secret society so great, which is bringing people together, united by the love of music. I’ve been to clubs in Las Vegas where men are dressed up in suits in 46 celsius weather just so that the venue will allow them entry, women are in designer heels so uncomfortable that they can’t dance. The result is a soulless room which feels more like a business conference than a dancefloor, plus the $100 entry and $20 vodka mixer costs. Look at some of the daytime beach clubs in Ibiza now… The attendees don’t care about the DJs playing, their sole focus is on ensuring they get that all important snap for the ‘Gram, orange plastic beaker in hand and caption game strong.”

the event

Party Time! Ravers will flock to Southbank’s rooftop for The EVENT on Saturday 22nd June 2019.

Though Gable certainly doesn’t denounce the use of social media – he labels it the “greatest invention of our generation” – his own journey into the events business was a twisted path which led him through all corners of the dance music industry in recent years, including work in PR, artist management, copywriting, and most notably journalism – via the odd dabble into DJ’ing himself, a venture he calls nothing more than “a casual hobby.” But like all success stories, he found himself wanting more, and the party goer’s thirst for a fresh challenge led him into the arms of The EVENT.

“I think I knew from the age of 5 or 6 – which is pretty remarkable – that I wanted to be a journalist. But it was only when my seesaw of interests starting tipping towards dance music, and away from sports, that I saw my future in music journalism. I built a strong reputation for myself in the field and I’m forever grateful for the opportunities that have presented themselves to me because of that. I remember heading to the cinema one night in Miami to catch a movie with people like Martin Garrix, Oliver Heldens and Carl Cox. Or standing on a yacht waiting to interview Hardwell backstage at Ultra, and in those moments, it’s like you’re in an alternative reality. You become complacent around these people  – forever grateful – but complacent. You realise they’re just human beings like you or I.”

the event

Best of British: The EVENT founder Jake Gable (L) with legendary DJ, Carl Cox (R).

Never one to rest on his laurels, Gable felt the need to challenge himself. To create a brand new venture to run alongside his current interests, and while facing health issues in early 2019, it was a hospital stay and prolonged period of bed rest that gave him the creative spark he so desperately craved.

“I had a lot of time to think during those months, and I really wanted a project that could provide me with the same vigour and energy I felt when I first entered this industry. I’d thought about perhaps starting a record label – but then it hit me! All my life, I’ve taken on this natural “organiser” role. So much so that it became a running joke within my friendship circles that if I didn’t organise a social activity for us, it just didn’t happen! I was always the guy with the red-hot phone in his hand 24/7, maintaining relationships with people, messaging and asking “shall we do this?” or “let’s go there, on (insert date)!” – I guess it’s kind of a talent but I just put it down to being very socially confident, it’s a skill everyone has inside them. You just need to put the effort in with people.”

With no previous experience in the world of event planning, the brand was born, inspired by the events of the previous summer when Gable hosted a special pre-party before the Creamfields Steel Yard event. “That day just spiralled like nothing I’ve ever seen before”, he laughs.

“What was meant to be a few friends over at my place soon snowballed into half of the street getting involved! You could hear the music half a mile down the road at the local supermarket and people coming out of the train station were wandering down to check out what was going on! We even had a 62 year old neighbour who was desperate to come in and his son was dragging him away. Everywhere I looked that day, people were smiling, or downing vodka slushie shots which seemed to just appear out of nowhere. Not one person was charged a entry fee into the party that day but I know, on reflection, each and every one of them would have paid more than what even the biggest Balearic clubs charge, to experience that day again. That’s when I knew that the only ingredients you need for a great party are good music and an amazing group of people.”

the event

Going Above & Beyond: Gable (middle) is delivering affordable parties, with tickets starting at just £6.

The topic leads the Brit onto his one of his most passionate sectors of The EVENT’s ethos. “It’s never been about price, or stacking profits”, he adds.

“If I wanted to make money, there’s a million ways you can do that, and hosting events isn’t one of them. That’s why tickets for our party only start at £6. Of course, there’s outgoings that need to be covered… otherwise our parties would be free! But we want to make our events inclusive for everyone, and not to price people out of having a good time.”

“I’ve been lucky enough to know a few friends who have entered this business in previous years and most of them ending up making a loss. I’m not the next Wolf of West London, I just want to give people a good time! That’s what we’re all about.”

Keeping entrance costs low, means Gable can focus on the most important part of any good party; the music. And in the form of prestigious 20 year-old DJ ‘P//RTS’, Jake is confident he’s found the perfect headliner for the highly anticipated party on 22nd June.

“The UK music scene is on top of the world right now! There’s a huge influx of progressive house talent emerging from these shores and it’s so important we give those acts a chance to shine! Ever since I saw P//RTS supporting Tom Staar at his Manchester show last year, I knew this guy was a really special talent! I remember feeling the same way when I saw Avicii first play in 2010. Think of every act you’ve ever heard… HardwellMartin Garrix… whoever… At some point, that was new music to you. At some point you were asking “Wow, who is this guy?” – With P//RTS, those same questions are set to be asked again!”

the event

Prog is alive: Rising UK talent P//RTS (above) will play the London event alongside several special guests.

Taking place on the sun-soaked terrace of Doggett’s Coat and Badge – the iconic Southbank venue overlooking the historic London skyline and unmistakeable silhouette of St. Paul’s CathedralThe EVENT is already securing a sensationally viral buzz across social media. Taking place between 11.30am and 4.30pm on Saturday 22nd June, the UK capital’s hottest day party is sure to become one of this year’s most in-demand markers on the dance music calendar. With super early bird tickets already sold out, Early Bird passes are still available HERE, with The EVENT also providing attendees with a special after-party for all those headed to Alesso’s performance at nearby venue O2 Forum Kentish Town later that evening.

With Gable’s debut party marking the beginning of a rapidly growing empire, the charismatic founder is aware of the buzz surrounding the party’s TBA “special guests”… which given the size of his jam-packed industry contact list, could include just about anyone. But will the Oxfordian let us in on a sneak-peek exclusive or remain tightly lipped on the identity of the party’s cameo A-listers?

“Well, if you want to find that out,” he smiles… “You’ll have to come along on the day.”

Tickets for The EVENT are available here with the latest episode of The EVENT Radio, a weekly broadcast packed with the freshest new music, also available now on Soundcloud and Spotify.

the event