Exclusive Interview: MAD M.A.C & Flaremode reveal secrets behind ‘Madagascar’

Four of the finest musical minds have come together with their own unique talent and the end result is something quite spectacular. Together, Italian music duo Flaremode and Greek duo MAD M.A.C has joined forces for quadruple the firepower to deliver a stunning collaboration and an original mix called ‘Madagascar‘.

The track is destined for chart success but, and you heard it here first, ‘Madagascar‘ is set to dominate mainstage performances and rumble the dancefloors of clubs all around the world. Packing the punch with supreme basslines and choppy, infectious synths, both Flaremode and MAD M.A.C demonstrate their keen ear for the finest beats that know how to get the blood pumping. Released on Smash The House, ‘Madagascar’ has arrived and it’s here to cause some carnage.

We Rave You caught up with Flaremode and MAD M.A.C to discuss the brand new track, what it’s like collaborating with one another, and what to expect in the not so distant future. Check out the interview below.

Can you tell us all about this track. What inspired you all to create ‘Madagascar‘?

Flaremode: The guys got the original idea! We were talking about music and future releases and they sent us this amazing break-down, so we then decided to join them on this project!

MAD M.A.C: As said, we were basically sitting on the breakdown idea for a couple of years then told the guys about it and we instantly got down to business. We knew it was gonna be a wrap after the drop took form.

‘Madagascar’ by Art of Trance has received quite a few remixes in its time from the likes of Ferry Corsten, Richard Durand, and Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike to name a few. Your original take is unique, what personal flavours and blends have you added to your track to make it so bold? 

Flaremode: We wanted to make this sound different from the other versions around! We took our signature big room style and we started experimenting with various synths and lasers, but at the same time, we wanted to keep the break-down as clean as possible!

MAD M.A.C: We thought it was critical to retain the break as original as possible and not lose its essence which has a euphoric vibe but also we wanted it to sound unique and bring something new to the table.

Madagascar‘ is definitely punchy and packs an exciting attitude. I am sensing a festival-ready track with this one, particularly on the second drop which goes in hard. Was this your intention to make such a fiery production? 

Flaremode: Absolutely! We straight went to the point with it! We wanted to premiere this track at Tomorrowland, so we made it ready for it! Has been an amazing experience playing it there!

MAD M.A.C: Yes it’s definitely locked and loaded as festival ammunition in the DJ toolbox to make the people jump! At Tomorrowland the crowd went crazy, it was really exciting to see it get that sort of reaction.

With the finished product, is it what you first envisioned the track to sound like or were there plenty of changes, edits, and cuts in the making? Was it completely different by the end from what you first anticipated? 

Flaremode: Nice question! I think we actually made more than 4 or 5 different versions before getting this one! We did it in various genres such as Psy, Hardstyle etc!

MAD M.A.C: It did go through stages but eventually we were all really happy with the end result. Once we felt confident with it and didn’t have any doubts of changing anything else we sent it in to Smash The House and scored a home run.

(Flaremode) You’ve made this track with the Greek duo MAD M.A.C, can you share how this collaboration came along? Who reached out to who and why did you all decide to work together? 

Flaremode: We met each other a long time ago in Taipei, during one of our tours! Since then we have always been in contact! “Madagascar” is not our first collaboration! We have released an official remix on Smash the House a few months ago! It was for Angemi & ReBel’s single “Show Your Flame”!

(MAD M.A.C) What influences did you two bring to the track and what input did you have on the overall finished product? 

MAD M.A.C: Well as we said before we had a dusty idea that we took off the shelf and instead of going solo we thought that a Flaremode drop could add that spark. Its always great working with friends and it was indeed a very fun process along the way, the guys have a great work ethic and are full of magnificent ideas. Not only did we get to finish up Madagascar but we also set sail on getting other great projects done in the near future.

(MAD M.A.C) What’s it like working with Flaremode in the studio and how well did you bounce ideas off one another?

MAD M.A.C: We didn’t actually get to sit in the same room on this one unfortunately but God bless the internet we worked with ease both in our individual spaces. But in conclusion, it was a breeze to work with the guys.

Now that this track is out there and earning the attention from music fans alike, could we possibly see another collaboration like this in the future between Flaremode and MAD M.A.C? If so, what would any of you think of doing differently, would you like to experiment with each other’s tastes? 

Flaremode: Of course! we are already working together on some new “top-secret” projects 🙂

MAD M.A.C: Yes, yes & yes haha! We are brothers in arms and we pretty much enjoy not only working together but also just kicking it together so its always a pleasure.

(Flaremode)What’s in store for Flaremode next? Summer is fast approaching, what can we expect to hear and see? Is there plenty more music in the pipeline like this remix? 

Flaremode:We are cooking much stuff right now. We have a release coming on Spinnin’ Records the 22nd of April, on the legendary “Doorn” Imprint! Next month we will headline a festival in Thailand, during the Songkran, then we’ll go again on tour for our residency on “World Club Tour” powered by Billboard Radio CN! Then, in July, we’ll be back in Europe to perform for the first time at Ultra Music Festival and we can’t really wait for it!

(MAD M.A.C) Equally, what can we expect to see and hear from MAD M.A.C in the coming months?

MAD M.A.C:We have a killer surprise collaboration on the way coming out on Smash The House with two huge names one of which is Quintino and a second track with another really big DJ we admire a lot that we can’t yet disclose the name of, also we are working on some new material that isn’t big room but is definitely going to be a surprise. All in all, we are really happy and feel very blessed with what we have coming in 2019.

Don’t waste any time and listen to the fiery track below and here. Be sure to check out more new music here.