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Zonderling discuss new track ‘I Do’, Don Diablo, and upcoming music

Tunnel Vision‘ may have dropped in 2017, but the Zonderling hype train has just not stopped chugging along. Becoming the second most supported track of that year – and still supported to this day – brought great success for the Dutch duo, and saw their continued rise spiral increasingly. Their remixes of ‘Domino‘ from Oxia and ‘I Hear You Calling‘ from DJ Licious, either side of the heavily supported ‘Annalog‘, established the pair as one of the finest production duo’s in the house scene. Plenty of credit goes to the Hexagon label boss Don Diablo, who has nurtured Jaap and Martijn (Zonderling) through releasing numerous tracks via his label whilst collaborating in the process. After recently dropping their new track ‘I Do‘ back on Spinnin’ Records, featuring the incredible voice of Andreas Moss, Zonderling sat down with We Rave You to talk all things music, with exclusives into the future of one of house music’s best pairings.

1. Your new track ‘I Do’ just dropped on Spinnin’ Records. Tell us about that track and the idea behind it.

Funny thing is most of the vocal and instrumentals were written separately and adjusted later on to fit together, after almost matching instantly. This gives the song a very special synergy in our opinion. The instrumental idea was something that we had lying around for some time, we just never found the right topline/vocalist for it. Big up Andreas Moss for delivering a perfect fit. We’ve been getting so much feedback and many questions about this song after playing it at Tomorrowland last year, and we’re happy to now finally have it out for everyone to enjoy.

2. You’ve dropped a lot of tracks on Hexagon. How has your relationship with Don Diablo helped you to grow into the artists that you are now?

We’ve both known Don for many years already. Actually, he and Jaap recently found out they met 16 years ago! Don and his Hexagon label have obviously helped our career a lot for which we are really grateful. It’s one of the strongest brands/labels out there at the moment, which is really impressive considering todays music and label landscape. We are working on something new for Hexagon at the moment, but don’t tell anyone 😉

3. With two members in Zonderling, how does this work in the studio and on tour when sharing the workload?

Really simple actually: Martijn is in the studio and Jaap does the touring. We both do what we like best and that works great so far. We discuss everything together though, Jaap joins Martijn in the studio a lot and sometimes if you look closely, Martijn can be found on the side of the stage during shows.

4. Don Diablo was mentioned earlier, and you worked with him on ‘No Good’ and ‘Tunnel Vision’ was edited by him. Can we expect to see more collaborations with Don?

After doing three collabs in 2017/18 we now want to focus on doing some more solo Zonderling work. Collabs will maybe happen again in the future, but with who, we don’t know yet. We’re always talking to people though.

5. Are there any new upcoming artists that you would love to collaborate with, or artists that you would dream to work with?

For Jaap that would be Calvin Harris, Eric Prydz or Justice, all producers with a very own signature sound. I know it’s never going to happen but I’ve been a fanboy of Justice for years so just have to mention them. For Martijn it’d be mostly vocalists like Dua Lipa and Rita Ora, her song ‘Let You Love Me’ has us mesmerised.

6. What can we expect to hear from Zonderling in 2019?

We have more musical ideas lying around than ever before, so that’s a great vibe to begin with. We’re mainly just very excited to present those as singles in the near future and to see what happens. We’re mostly exploring our ‘spectrum’ and want to try some Radio/Spotify style singles, but also keep doing our club tracks and some remixes here and there. Also, playing in front of bigger crowds, reaching out to more people and sharing our music on a worldwide scale, that would be the dream.

Check out Zonderling’s releases via their Spotify channel, and catch up with the pair’s new track ‘I Do‘ below!

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