Avicii memorial billboard appears in Los Angeles

It has been a full year since the dance world lost one of our most beloved artists to ever hit the stage, Avicii. Ever since Tim Berling has left us, there has been a void in the music world that no one will ever get to fill because Avicii’s sound was so unique. Even though Tim left us too early his legacy has been celebrated very much in the past year throughout festivals, songs dedicated to him by fellow friends in the music industry, documentaries, paintings and billboards.

Yesterday, a black and white billboard appeared in Los Angeles on Sunset Blvd. which displayed Avicii’s iconic logo and read: TIM BERLING 1989 – FOREVER. We are sure to say that this billboard will shed a lot of tears for those of whom who see the billboard and miss and love Avicii.

Before the one year anniversary of his death, a posthumous song by Avicii and Aloe Blacc¬†was released, titled ‘S.O.S.’. The emotive track has been providing fans all around the world with the Avicii fix they so desperately craved after enduring a year without their hero. The music world will never be the same without you Tim. Rest in peace.


Music journalist, lover of house. Body in London, heart in Ibiza.

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