Diplo, Sia and Labrinth release collaborative LSD album

The talented trio formed of DiploSia and Labrinth have just dropped their debut album under their LSD moniker. Previously released singles such as ‘Thunderclouds‘ and ‘No New Friends‘ are also part of the new album. The release should garner huge attention given the fact such diverse and talented artists have come together on the project.

Diplo had teased the album through his social media in previous months, garnering much interest given his standing at the forefront of the scene. Sia has also put her stamp on the project with her well known vocals as heard on huge tracks like ‘Titanium‘ with David Guetta, and her more recent single ‘Alive‘. British artist Labrinth also brings his rap and hip hop influences to proceedings, which works well with Diplo’s trademark sound in particular. He discussed the project recently in an interview for Rolling Stone.

The album seems well placed for success with the huge track ‘Thundercloud’, as well as ‘No New Friends’ at the core of the project. Both have recently enjoyed commercial success, and we look forward to more single releases off the back of this. The sounds of all three artists have brought a creative flair to the release, with hopefully more to follow in the future.