The Story Behind Avicii’s ‘Tough Love’

‘Tough Love’ is Avicii’s second single off of his much-anticipated posthumous album ‘Tim’. The single was released on Friday and has grabbed attention from fans across the globe. The track was written by Tim Berling (Avicii), Vincent Pontare, Salem Al Fakir (Vargas and Lagola) and features Vincent’s wife, Agnes on vocals. Vincent and Salem have also worked with Tim on some of his most notable hits: ‘Hey Brother’, ‘Without You’ & ‘Silhouettes’.

The single includes oriental melodies with traditional string instrumental samples that Avicii seamlessly blended on top of dance music beats with his signature style. Al Fakir supplemented the track with his touch on the violin. In the behind-the-scenes video below, Vincent and Salem discuss how precise Tim was in his direction of producing the track and even discussed the vocals with Chris Martin of Coldplay, adding:

“That’s an example of how persistent Tim could be when he wanted something.”

‘Tough Love’ is out now on Apple Music and Spotify. Avicii’s new Posthumous album ‘Tim’ is set to release in June. The first single from it, ‘S.O.S’ was released in April.

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