KH – Only Human (Foreign Shores Remix)

Ever since being introduced to music at a young age, Foreign Shores has been hooked on the fast-paced sounds of drum & bass. Foreign Shores, an artist based out of London, extends new sounds to his listeners with a fresh new release. He recently released a remix of KH’s ‘Only Human’ which is available for all to listen to and download on his SoundCloud profile. The track brings an intense flow of energy and drums that sure to electrify dance floors everywhere. It also includes a break in the middle where the melody is isolated and builds up before the vocals get reintroduced and the energy in the track catches fire once again.

Foreign Shores has spent time in the states working his craft and getting more involved in the underground scenes of techno and dance music. He has also recently returned to his home city London and this has prompted some real inspiration from the artist. Some of his other tracks include ‘Soldier’ & ‘Down With It’. Returning to the home of his musical roots has inspired the artist and allowed him to sharpen his focus.

The artist uses complex drum work, dark synths, and heavy bass lines to help shape his tracks and create that unique sound. Hopefully, we will hear more from this up and coming artist in the year to come. He also has a short mix on his profile called ‘Paradise Lost’. Foreign Shores even throws in an ID in the mix. Listen to his remix of KH’s ‘Only Human’ and other tracks below.