KSHMR & KAAZE – Devil Inside Me

A magical collaboration was born when KSHMR teamed up with Swedish DJ/producer KAAZE, signed at Revealed Recordings, to create their new single ‘Devil Inside Me’ featuring the beautiful vocals of KARRA. The brand new track was released on Friday under KSHMR”s record label, Dharma Worldwide.

Niles Hollowell-Dhar, the American-Indian DJ and producer has been part of the music industry for an extensive time, but only a few know that he started his career in the pop/hip-hop duo, ‘The Cataracs‘. Converting to EDM, he ensured that his identity stayed unrevealed while he was focusing on the inner journey of his musical evolution and on establishing his place in the dance world. After ghost producing for various artists, he finally felt ready to step out of the shadows in 2015, when Tiësto announced him and their legendary collaboration, ‘Secrets’ at Ultra Music Festival. To honor his Indian origin, he came up with the stage name KSHMR, in addition, he is not afraid to incorporate his roots into his music either, making him one of the most unique EDM producer who found the perfect recipe to blend big room music with triggering deep cultural issues.

KAAZE has more thing in common with KSHMR besides their love for music;  he was also introduced to the public by Tiësto, and both of them have successful collaborations with Hardwell (KAAZE teamed up for ‘We Are Legends’ and ‘This Is Love’, while KSHMR worked on ‘Power’ together with Hardwell). Consequently, it was only a matter of time before their roads have crossed – and we are so glad it did! The two artists combined their talents in the studio to create this banger that flawlessly reflects both producer’s signature styles. But KARRA definitely adds to bringing the track alive with her emotional voice, that perfectly complements the sensual lyrics and the powerful drops, spiced up with uplifting melodies.

We have a feeling that it will conquer the charts as well as the festival stages this summer! Question is, does it bring out ‘the devil inside you’ too? Enjoy!

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