Relive Swedish House Mafia’s historic first reunion set in Stockholm

Thursday, May 2nd marked a historic date for electronic dance music fans around the world as they finally witnessed the first Swedish House Mafia set since their reunion at Ultra Music Festival in 2018. Since then, fans have been teased time and time again through cryptic social media posts and live show announcements which will see them travel around the globe this summer to perform for their fans.

The first of these shows was held in Stockholm, Sweden, where a sold-out Tele2 Arena welcomed back the trio who did not disappoint putting on a show filled with breathtaking visuals and exciting new music along with performing their greatest hits. The show started off strong as Swedish House Mafia played an unreleased banger after an agonisingly long intro edit, immediately unleashing an incredible amount of energy and hype on the crowd.

One of the highlights of the almost 2-hour set came when they debuted their new song, ‘Underneath It All‘, which combines a beautiful vocal breakdown with an insanely melodic hook. Another stand-out moment also came when they played an orchestral version of their hit single ‘One (Your Name)’.

Following the show, Swedish House Mafia released a brand new line of merchandise on their website, where fans will be able to purchase anything ranging from scarves, badges, sweatshirts and many more items. With no indication regarding availability or future restocks, the collection likely sell out fast.

Be sure to relive the full set via YouTube or SoundCloud below and check out the tracklist on 1001tracklists here.

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