‘Music Sounds Better With You’ to be reissued on vinyl and digital platforms

There are certain songs that will forever be known as timeless classics. But what does it take for a song to earn that title? Simply put, its a song that never loses it touch and still sounds good after years and years of extensive playout, and “Music Sounds Better With You” by French collaborative band Stardust has definitely earned that title. Consisting of members Alan Braxe, singer Benjamin Diamond and one half of popular duo Daft Punk, Thomas Bangalter, “Music Sounds Better With You” was Stardust’s only release. Dropping in 1998, the song is still popular in modern culture, and still has its own cult following of fans who still love the song.

This summer, the phenomenal house track will hit an incredible milestone of turning 21 years old, and it’s hard to believe the track has been out for that long as it still sounds fresh and modern, almost like it never aged at all. To celebrate the 21st anniversary, the track will be reissued on a special 12″ vinyl – etched with Roulette Artwork – through ‘Because’ record label, available 28th June, and will also be released on digital streaming platforms for the first time ever.

The vinyl is available for pre-order here, but in the mean time take a trip down memory lane and watch the official music video below!

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