Frison ft. Cerhyl – Hours

Korean renown star Frison brings us ‘Hours’ featuring indie/R&B singer Cehryl, in a sonic rollercoaster of textures that won’t leave anyone indifferent.

Jake Jeong (writing under the name Frison) built his music producer skills between Hong Kong and Korea, and has created outstanding tracks such as original tracks ‘Fun’, remixes of hit singles including LEW’s ‘Baby Steps’ feat. Joie Tran. His music, both under the  artistic names Frison and Hiraeth, is acclaimed both by the general public as well as big names in the industry, as demonstrated by their official selection for curated compilation albums, including ‘Billboard Presents: Electric Asia Vol. 1’, released by Billboard magazine in partnership with B2, and renowned electronic music blog RUN THE TRAP’s playlists ‘Poolside Playlist 2016’ and ‘Too Future Mix #93’.

Frison sound is a fusion that brings together different genres within the immensely popular EDM (electronic dance music) scene. Imagine lush, catchy melodies (think artists like Flume, Porter Robinson) and pairing them with an element of crushing, bass-driven grit (Skrillex, Dillon Francis) – that would give you Jake Jeong (Frison)’s signature sound.


In this original single – ‘Hours’, featuring indie/R&B singer Cehryl, Jeong created a hooky synth melody and beautiful vocals, that build up into an explosive chorus – a mix of giant melodic pads and unique-sounding chord plucks, progressing into piano solo with jazzy vibes. Frison somehow glues the balance of his complex yet cohesive sound, without overdoing it to the point of excessiveness.

Since the release, Mr. Jeong has also been recognized by some of the biggest names in electronic dance music, including ARTY, the renowned Russian electronic producer/DJ who has performed in multiple dance festivals in the US along with his debut album peaking at #14 on the US Dance/Electronic Albums charts. ‘Hours’ was broadcasted in episode #84 of ‘Together FM’, a weekly radio mix on Sirius XM Channel 52 (also known as ‘Electric Area’), hosted by ARTY himself.

But that’s not all. The original – now sitting on Soundcloud with over 150,000 plays – led to the release of ‘Hours – The Remixes’, a compilation EP totaling to 7 remixes by electronic artists like R.O (France), Magna (USA) and Fugue (Italy). T was released under one of America’s biggest electronic dance music labels, ‘Artist Intelligence Agency’. The EP gained up to 240k streams on Spotify alone, in addition to being featured in several playlists including Spotify Radio (Spotify), Spotify Discover Weekly (Spotify) and Hard Trap & Dubstep (Vibes Records).

Frison keeps positively surprising us and we can’t wait to see what else is he going to bring to the electronic music scene,  Make sure you follow Jake Jeong in all his socials, to be updated of his upcoming tracks and projects:

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