Exclusive Interview: Sam Feldt discusses ‘Post Malone’ success and new album plans

Bursting into the scene during the tropical house movement which saw his huge hits such as “Show Me Love” and “Midnight Hearts” thrust into the spotlight, Dutch DJ and producer Sam Feldt has cemented a reputation as a true superstar of the modern electronic music scene. Hosting his own ‘Heartfeldt’ events during his native ADE, Sam’s bursting back-catalogue, filled with tracks like ‘Been a While’ and Akon collaboration ‘YES’ has seen the producer build a fanatical fanbase, with over 15 million listeners tuning in to his Spotify account each month! 

Having just released his whopping new single ‘Post Malone’ – which has already racked up over 35 million streams, We Rave You caught up with Sam Feldt in Germany, ahead of his set at AirBeat One festival…


Sam! How is the crowd here in Germany and how do you prepare your sets differently for each country you play in?

“I think for every country and festival there’s a different sound which is appropriate, but I come from Amsterdam which is close to Hamburg so I know what I can play here. It is very different to a American or Asian crowd, for example!”

How do recent musical trends – such as the rise of tech house for example – influence your creative process in the studio? How do you ensure you stay true to your signature Sam Feldt style?

“Well guess I’ve been always very broad musically because I play such a wide range of music, including tech-house and EDM and future house in my sets. There might be some tracks that I like which are popular right now which are tech-house but I’ve always worked with a very broad variation and always I adapt to the crowd to that’s in front of me! That’s the real DJing. Everyone can DJ technically but it’s about selecting the right track at the right time!”

When we last spoke – at London’s Ministry of Sound – you were about to release your double album ‘Sunrise to Sunset’ – How have things been since then and are you working on any new albums?

“Right now, we are taking it single by single but I have around 10 tracks finished. If there’s a right plan behind me, I’m open to another album, but I don’t think I’ll make 24 tracks again on one album. I have almost an album ready though – so maybe 12 tracks this time!”

So how do you select which tracks are right to release?

“Usually we speak with the label people – All my tracks are my treasures and my babies you know? But the manger may step in and say “Ok let’s do this one and that one” but I usually let the label decide the best strategy because they know what they’re doing! Take my latest track for example – Post Malone – That’s going through the roof and I didn’t expect that! We saw it doing 1.3m streams per day and it’s above the real Post Malone in some playlists so it’s crazy. I’ve had some filler tracks that have done really well and some I thought would do amazing that have flopped so you never know really!”

What’s coming up for your this summer? Your Instagram is always filled with a new location every day so it seems you’re always on the road? 

“Well I’m at Tomorrowland on the mainstage with a live band for the Sam Feldt live show so we are doing piano, drums, trumpets, saxophones – the whole shebang! We did it at Ultra and it went off so really excited to do it here I Europe! I just finished three remixes too so we’ll release those too but for now, we will let ‘Post Malone’ breathe a little longer!”

So outside of dance music, what else have you been up to and are there any ventures you’re a part of that our readers might not be familiar with? 

“Yes! I do a lot of stuff with Fangage which helps artists and fans connect! That’s my own venture and I’ve also got I’ve also got this anti-hangover cure called ‘Always Bright’! I actually started being an entrepreneur at the age of 13 so I’m used to this kind of stuff and I’m also a philanthropist through the HeartFeldt foundation too!”

So the hangover cure works?

“Absolutely! I tried IV drips and oxygen bars and all sort of things but this, I promise 15 mins later and you’ll feel fine! So if you have a hangover from AirBeat One Festival, check it out!”

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