Dirty South

Dirty South – Little Devious EP

Widely regarded as one of the most prolific artists within electronic music, Dirty South has built an incredibly diverse discography during his years as a producer. Launching to fame through his impeccable attention to detail and addictive melodies, the Serbian-Australian DJ/producer has truly earned his place as one of the most esteemed artists worldwide. His latest offering is a 4-track ‘Little Devious‘ EP that was released via the This Never Happened label.

Opening with the title track, ‘Little Devious‘, the EP bursts into life, with an infectious rhythm that effortlessly blends with the track’s haunting melody. The sheer complexity of ‘Little Devious’ is a testament to Dirty South’s unshakable production ability, something that is unmistakable through each and every track he releases. Up next is another melodic masterpiece, ‘Space Between Us‘, which builds gradually from the outset. As different elements seamlessly intertwine, the track roars to life with a heavy-duty beat that becomes the centrepiece. A characteristic that this track has in common with the rest of Dirty South’s releases is the addictive quality of the melody, which is the driving force that will have listeners hitting replay for years to come.

As the EP moves into its second half, listeners are treated to the soothing, sultry baseline of ‘Saint Brute‘. Though the growth is gradual, the elements of the track build to an incredible crescendo, which soon unravels as the track reaches its pinnacle moment. Closing out the EP in style, ‘Plectar‘ has a much more haunting feel, with echoing synths forming the track’s focal point. The subtlety of the opening soon evolves, as the track becomes a deep and intense masterpiece, strengthened by the culmination of multiple elements.

While there are many producers within the electronic music industry, Dirty South undoubtedly stands out as one of the most talented. His attention to detail and the unfaltering quality of his releases have allowed him to truly make a mark on the music industry over the years, and he looks set to continue on that trajectory for years to come.

Listen to the ‘Little Devious’ EP in full below.


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