Don Diablo destroys the Mainstage at Untold Festival

Don Diablo has been having a massive summer so far, having performed at festivals including Tomorrowland and EDC Las Vegas. Having produced many major anthems including ‘Momentum’ and Cutting Shapes’Don Diablo has been a staple act in the electronic music industry for over 10 years. At his latest headlining performance during Untold Festival, Don Diablo dropped many classics while also premiering various anticipated ID’s for fans to rage to.

Opening his set with recently released track,You’re Not Alone’fans were made to sing along with the vocals while also dancing to the signature future house drop. Don Diablo masterfully mixed this track into one of his most famous songs, On My Mind’During the drop of this track is when the fans really started to get into the rhythm, as almost the entire crowd recognized and belted out the vocals as loud as they could. Deciding to incorporate some current popular mainstream radio songs into his set, the crowd was serenaded with a remix of ‘High Hopes’ by Panic! At The Disco. This has been one of his signature remixes of the summer, having played it at nearly every performance so far this summer. As the set progressed, Don Diablo premiered vocals and drops for many of his new tracks, soon to be released by his label Hexagon. An extremely emotional moment that stood out during the set was when Don Diablo dropped ‘Without You’, paying tribute to the late, Avicii, by allowing fans to reminisce on his greatness.

Don Diablo’s set at Untold will be recognized as one of his all-time classic sets, not shying away from his usual skillful mixing. You can catch the entire set below, and see the full track-list here.