Hardwell’s highly-anticipated ID ‘Retrograde’ finally drops on Friday

Waiting and waiting until an ID gets an official release, we’ve all been there. Whilst the wait feels like forever the payoff is always worth it as the track you’ve spent ages listening to through set recordings gets an official release in all its high quality glory, and that’s exactly what is happening with a long awaited Hardwell ID this Friday (August 16).

Fans who have been following Hardwell closely will be very familiar with this track, as it has been played out in many sets from as early as last year with the first play being at the Brooklyn Mirage in New York City, June 23 2018. Since then the track, which has been revealed as ‘Retrograde’, was played all over the world and became somewhat of a staple for Hardwell sets.

‘Retrograde’ is being called an ‘old school’ type track, and rightfully so. Feeling like a throwback progressive house anthem from the glory days of 2011 Hardwell style, it has all the right beats and vibes to transport listeners straight back but feels extremely fresh in a 2019 setting. Making a nod to the early days of his career start-up, this just proves that he never lost his way and still has ties to his roots.

With the official announcement coming from Revealed Recordings and Hardwell Himself on socials, ‘Retrograde’ is set to be one of the defining tracks of this year and will surely go down a treat for fans and fellow producers alike.

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