Exclusive: Kryder – STAY

Sometimes you have to play the waiting game in order to see the true value of something. Often you could hear an early or unfinished version of a track played by a DJ during their sets, normally in order to test it out and see what the crowd reaction is like, yet the release date could be a year, two years later, or maybe not at all. An artist with a deep love for dropping unreleased music and IDs during his set is Kryder, and after just over a year since it started circulating, his long awaited track STAY has finally arrived.

This track is an expert take on Hans Zimmer‘s iconic track ‘S.T.A.Y‘ from the movie score of Interstellar, and encapsulates everything that is good about progressive house. With a driving bassline throughout the early stages of the track, ‘STAY‘ possesses an immense energy from the get go, with the ‘Interstellar‘ melody creeping its way in. After the intro comes an early yet short break down, before the first glimpse of the drop, with a similar section following this to build yet more suspense and energy prior to the expertly crafted breakdown that made this track such a signature part of Kryder’s sets for so long.

Driven by atmospheric horns and that stunning melody, the break retains the space-aged sound of the original whilst contributing to the creation of a progressive house masterpiece. Rising higher and out of the break, the final drop hits seamlessly to provide the perfect climax to an incredible production. A long awaited release from one of the UK’s finest producers, ‘STAY‘ is a progressive treasure that will captivate dance music fans all around the world.

With the announcement of this track’s release occurring live during Kryder x We Rave You present Kryteria 200  this Wednesday evening, Kryder’s new track ‘STAY‘ is hot off the press, and you can go and grab it right now below!

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