Apple Music Web Is Finally Released

Apple have taken the next step to making Apple Music available for all consumers. The move will be welcomed by those not owning Apple devices. Recently the tech giant released a web page open beta for the Apple Music. Anyone can now access their account through any web browser. However you’ll still need an Apple Music subscription to take advantage of the new beta.

If you’ve got a subscription, you’re all set. If you go to this link, you’ll be brought to the new page and prompted to sign in with your account. From here  you’ll be able to do pretty much anything like listening to your playlists and searching for new music. Presently, the public beta does not offer users access to music videos and smart playlists. Over time, new features will be implemented to the web interface.

As this is an open beta, Apple would like feedback from users to help improve the experience. Be sure to let them know what needs to be tweaked while the web page is still in beta. Whilst the first implementation may have some bugs or imperfections, by the end of the beta, it should be a smooth experience.

You can reach the Apple Music Web beta on all platforms by following this link:

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