Carnage & Timmy Trumpet

Carnage x Timmy Trumpet – Nah Nah (feat. Wicked Minds)

Sometimes, collaborations come along that are so powerful that they shake the music industry, and Carnage and Timmy Trumpet are here to prove that. Recently stepping back into the dance music scene, Carnage was welcomed back with open arms and wasted no time in releasing more music to celebrate his return. Staying true to who he is as a person and an artist has always worked in his favour, with a massive amount of successes over the years with many more to come. The Las Vegas producer was also one of the first to merge electronic music with hip-hop and rap and is a true pioneer within his world. Australian whirlwind of energy Timmy Trumpet has seen a huge boost of popularity as of late, thanks to his unique performances. Touring for crowds at sold-out shows regularly, he has seen multiple records go multi-platinum which is a true testament to his impact within the industry.

Now the pair are ready for their second collaboration, with their first being ‘Toca’ which amassed over 50 million streams in total to date, and are not playing around. ‘Nah Nah’ sees the longtime friends hone in on their collaborative talents to deliver a monster of a track. Also joining the pair on this track is duo Wicked Minds who are mysterious masked Hardstyle DJs. Catering to their type of fans, the ones who never shy away from the hardest and toughest beat, Carnage and Timmy Trumpet did not hold back one bit. Going into a drop almost straight away, the Hardstyle beats rip through the ears of the listener as they make every hair in fans bodies stand on edge. Debuted at the mainstage of Tomorrowland, this track shines light on a genre that wouldn’t typically be showcased on a mainstage, and Carnage, Timmy Trumpet and Wicked Minds are breaking all of the boundaries.

The unforgivably strong track is available for streaming below.

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