Don Diablo

Don Diablo cancels a handful of shows due to personal circumstances

The life of a touring DJ is far from easy. Touring for days, weeks and months in a row can take a toll on anyone mentally and physically, but the rush of a show and pleasing the fans can make it all extremely worth it and so it makes it hard for them to have to cancel any show and let any fan down. Although artists try their hardest to make this happen rarely as possible, sometimes it cannot be helped and this is something that Don Diablo has had to face.

In a social media post earlier today, Don Diablo has announced the cancellation of all tour dates starting September 27 going through to October 1. Stating the reason being ‘personal circumstances’, we can only hope that everything is okay with him and his family and we wish him the best going forward. The cancelled dates are: Phoenix, Las Vegas, San Jose, Boston and Mashantucket. Also stating in the post, him and his team are already working hard to find new dates for the cancellations wherever possible to make up for the crowds that planned to come out to these shows. Fans have been extremely positive and supportive in reaction to the news.

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