ELYAZ – Break The Distance

Italian extraordinaire ELYAZ (real name Mauro Elias Morone) is breaking the boundaries of dance music right now. Singer and producer extraordinaire, he can truly do anything and always pushes himself to create to the best of abilities and beyond. Creating music since he was young, with the guidance of his father who is a revered fingerstyle guitarist, his childhood was always filled with music which is what set him on the path to success. Although he had worked with instruments, it wasn’t until he discovered the art of DJing that he could truly let his imagination roam free and make something unique and true to his vision and thus, ELYAZ was born. Landing himself a top 10 spot in the coveted Spinnin’ Records Talent Pool with original track ‘Whispers’, this re-affirmed his status as a fast-rising success story and it was only up from there. Having a deep understanding of music is what helps ELYAZ take his tunes to the next dimension, and now he presents his latest release.

‘Break The Distance’ is unlike most releases in the electronic community. Marking a new chapter in the story that is his musical career, this track is wonderfully complex yet easy and calming to listen to at the same time. Listeners will get a wonderful surprise with this uplifting track as they discover the country music vibes that start the track off before delving into the electronic feel. There’s a reason this track is named ‘Break The Distance’, as it truly does break the distance of where dance music can stretch to. Directing himself on a new musical path, this is an exciting time to take note of ELYAZ.

Accompanied with a music video, it is equally as gorgeous as the track. Telling a story of chasing childhood dreams, it is both empowering and nostalgic. The video is available to watch below. On another note, Make sure to stream/download it here and follow ELYAZ’s socials for further updates on music and tours below.

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A 24 year old dance music enthusiast from Manchester, UK. Lover of all genres, especially dubstep and house. Find me at gigs and festivals across the world.

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