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Dutch DJ and producer, Willem Rebergen, also known by his stage name, Headhunterz has recently celebrated his 34th  birthday in style – by releasing a brand new track called ‘Home’ alongside a meaningful message on his Instagram post

Music always played an important role in Willem’s life and he was introduced to the industry at a very young age: as his father is a songwriter and guitarist in a band, he grew up watching him perform on stage. Also when he didn’t fit in at school, he looked for distraction and decided to join a kid’s choir at the age of 9, where he had his first exposure to a professional studio, recording Christmas albums with the group. It sparked some interest and inspiration in his head for creating music, but what brought the ultimate life-changing experience for him was in 2003, when he received a Qlimax ticket, from a friend who couldn’t attend the festival. It was his very first introduction to the hardstyle scene and turned out to be so much more than just a party. As he says, from that point in his life his destiny was clear and he found his real passion creating music in this genre.

After all the success that he managed to achieve in a decade, he decided to take a break from hardstyle in 2014 to give himself a chance to explore the music industry from another angle. It took a few years to find his way back to hardstyle, but for the biggest pleasure of his fan’s, he returned completely recharged, fueled with new experiences and powerful energy. In this facebook post, he shed light on his journey of self-exploring and developing both as an individual and as an artist accompanied by his overwhelming emotions once he entered the stage of Defqon 1 in 2016.

Since then, he has been extremely pro-active, taking back his position in representing and spreading the love for the harder styles all around the world. Besides that, he joined forces with Wildstylez to create Project One, their joint alias, producing ‘darker’ tunes. To seal their long-lasting friendship, they have also founded their record label “Art of Creation” and signed Sound Rush to their blueprint. Headhunterz is unstoppable when it comes to releasing new content and although most of his tracks’ vocals consisted of narrations, recently, he went back experimenting with more musical tracks including singers. ‘Orange Heart’ opened the list for this new era, ‘Home’ following right after to join the euphoric hardstyle family.

“The Home of Hardstyle is not only a place in the world, it is also a place inside ourselves and it’s with us wherever we go” – Headhunterz

His brand new track starts with an emotional melody, building the beats up slowly and introducing the phenomenal female vocals which are in perfect harmony with the powerful kick. Headhunterz’s focus has been on his feelings and emotions in order to create content that comes from within and he also strives to improve his producing to make his songs sound as clear as possible.

Headhunterz is also an integral part of the lineup for the 2019 edition of Qlimax, which is one of the biggest indoor festivals for the harder styles organized by Q-dance, with mesmerizing visuals and phenomenal sound system that definitely adds to the experience. If you love hardstyle, you should not miss out on it.

Enjoy the new music, and as always, please let us know what you think!

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