Steve Aoki’s BLUE: The Color Of Noise officially released

It isn’t too often we get an in-depth look into the lives of our favourite DJs as they pick and choose only small parts of their lives to show to fans, but when it happens it is truly eye-opening and insightful. Someone who has recently done this is Steve Aoki. Although he isn’t a stranger to showing his personal life with fans with the release of Netflix documentary ‘I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead’, his memoir is completely different. ‘BLUE: The Color Of Noise’ is Steve Aoki’s life through words. Announced back in March of this year, fans were interested to see what new things they would learn about the dynamic DJ and it turns out there was a lot to be learnt.

Going on a journey through his childhood all the way to his insanely massive career today, ‘BLUE: The Color Of Noise’ talks about everything from his complicated relationship with his extremely successful father and his tough childhood to how he grew into becoming this unstoppable force of nature. Although it can be harrowing in parts, this is what makes the book so authentic and true to himself as a person as it doesn’t just show the best parts of his life like a highlight reel, but rather shows that he is a human being just like anyone else and has had failures in between all the big successes.

“Blue was a product of my heart and I poured every drop of my soul into it. While I toured all over Europe this summer I was  grateful to be able to record special audio bits and pieces of the book and that experience was equally as cathartic to me as writing the book” – Steve Aoki.

A fascinating read to say the least, the memoir is available for purchase on multiple different outlets here.

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