EDX – Neptune

Another top export of the Swiss – aside from their expensive watches and cosmetics, the deep house DJ and producer EDX has undoubtedly proved himself time and again, delivering top notch singles, one after another. Recently nominated for the prestigious Grammy Award for the category ‘Best Remixed Recording’ for his remix of Charlie Puth‘s hit single ‘How Long’, EDX can proudly claim to have been on top of the game in 2019, releasing a stunning quartet of singles and embracing the decks at some of the biggest festivals of the year. One such case was the Swiss DJ‘s performance at this year’s edition of Tomorrowland, where he took to the stage to tease the now released tune titled ‘Neptune’ – a single that is assured to fit in line with the rest of the 2019 releases and embrace the chart’s topmost rungs.

A sturdy release to say the very least, ‘Neptune’ is a track that is blooded in the EDX idea of production – impress with the simplicity, express with the substance. Laced with bass heavy notes, the track begins with the classic late-night/early-morning sort of vibe that gets a gradual build up as it streams seamlessly across to the carefree listeners. Sombre beats then get to do their magic as the sustained background voices string together the track just as the melody rushes in – only to return to the sequential and mighty impressive beat-work that had caught the attention in the first go. Released on PinkStar Records, this stunning mellifluous cut is sure to be an impressive addition to many more EDX deep house sets to come.

You can purchase EDX’ brand new single Neptune on iTunes here.

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