MindMassage – Indecisive

Much like MindMassage’s name suggests, his music is like a deep massage for the mind. Creating smooth beats for listeners to indulge into, the Manchester based artist is striving for success in everything he does. Real name Alexander Golombeck, he has amassed over a whopping one million total streams on digital platforms so far, and the numbers just keep growing. Hoping to help social change with his music and create a good atmosphere and vibe for people, MindMassage is doing exactly that and is now ready to present his latest offering in the form of a beautiful new single.

Gearing up for the exciting release of his forthcoming album ‘Emotion’ coming in November, MindMassage has the new track ‘Indecisive’ to tie us over until then. Giving us a small taste of what to expect from the album, if it’s anything like this track then we’re all in for a huge treat. A follow up from last month’s release ‘Sailing Away’, the hits don’t stop coming with this talented star. Featuring a strong set of vocals which add extra depth, dimension and emotion to the already stunning track, ‘Indecisive is a perfect showcase of Golombeck’s talents and a true testament to how far his career will take him within the industry. A quintessential track to add to your chill playlists, it takes the listener on a journey of complete and utter relaxation and bliss through the usage of the soft, sultry synths which paired with the vocals makes for a match made in heaven.

MindMassage is one of those artists that is not to be underestimated in any way and his impressive stream numbers and previous releases tell us that and more. His album is out very soon, and ‘Indecisive’ is the perfect taste of what to expect from it when it drops.

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