Armin van Buuren

Watch Armin van Buuren completely transcend AMF 2019

This past weekend, the one and only Armin van Buuren completely dominated the stage at AMF (as always). The Netherlands born DJ/Producer represented his home country in the most captivating manner, delivering one of the most inspiriting trance sets to date. As one of the most influential weeks for electronic music in our favourite Dutch city, it was quite an experience for everyone who attended.

Festival attendees not only got to witness such an uplifting ASOT set – they also got to be a part of the highly-anticipated DJ Mag Top 100 DJ’s reveal. Winning a well-deserved spot at #4 on the list this year, fans were thrilled to see Armin remain within the top 5 after a whopping 18 years in a row. After watching his entire set at AMF, all were immediately reminded as to why his ranking is consistently triumphant.

For those who didn’t get to partake in Armin’s spectacular AMF set in person or on the livestream, the hour-long production is now up on YouTube for everyone to indulge in. While an hour may seem short compared to most ASOT sets, Armin van Buuren exposed some pretty intriguing content all throughout. With his seventh studio album ‘Balance’ coming out this Friday, you can listen to a few unreleased tracks throughout the set like “Something Real” featuring Jordan Shaw and “Unlove You” featuring Ne-Yo. A few oldies like “Mr. Navigator” and his fresh collab with Above & Beyond “Show Me Love” also kept the crowd going wild.

A performance full of many reveals, Armin also disclosed the awaited anthem and theme for his upcoming ASOT 950 in Utrecht titled ‘Let The Music Guide You’. Now that all AMF festivities have unfortunately come to an end, lucky for fans, there is only a whole lot more of Armin only events to look forward to. The release of his new album later this week gives the trance legend some time to rest up before his ‘Balance’ Tour takes off in the U.S. in January and ASOT 950 Utrecht ignites on February 15th. For those who haven’t yet, make sure to catch Armin absolutely killing it up on stage during Amsterdam Music Festival’s 2019 instalment below!