Zedd is banned from China for liking a South Park tweet

A few days ago Anton Zaslavski, better known as Zedd, shared some eyebrow-raising news on his socials: he stated to be banned permanently from China after liking a tweet from the official South Park account on Twitter.

See Zedd’s post below:

At first, it seems a bit hard to believe, unless you have been following the recent happenings both politically and with the American animated sitcom. South Park is well known to build their episodes around taboo subjects and controversial matters, ‘spiced up’ with their signature (very unusual) humor. The two creators, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, claim that no particular topic or group of people will be exempt from their parody, no matter nationality, religion, sex or race – out of ‘fairness’ to all those who have been ridiculed before.

Although they seem to take it to the next level this time as they set their target on China. Their recently aired 299th episode ‘Band in China’ is heavily criticizing Hollywood productions, specifically Disney, who tends to shape its content to avoid offending the Chinese government censors in any way possible. Even though South Park doesn’t officially air in China, many people in the country watch the series via the internet, so it was no surprise that after the controversial episode was broadcasted, the Chinese government banned all content from the Comedy Central series. They have reportedly deleted all virtual content of the show from the locally used internet servers and also no results or reference show up anymore on their search engines, once you type in South Park. WOW.

But what did the Grammy Awards winner DJ do to deserve the penalty?

Well, Zedd liked a tweet about the celebration of the show’s 300th episode:

It seems innocent at first but it appears to be enough for the Chinese government to not allow the Russian-German DJ to enter the East Asian country in the foreseeable future as Zedd confirms in a follow-up comment on his Instagram post that “Just to clarify, this is NOT a joke.”

We are deeply sorry for all the Zedd fans in China.

On a more positive note, the official video clip has just arrived for his latest release Good Thing’ in collaboration with Kehlani.

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